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You only have to look at the media today and it becomes obvious that couples face many challenges and obstacles.

Couple counselling in Newcastle has been show to be effective in strengthening happy relationships and supporting and repairing relationships that are troubled. You can improve your relationships, enhance communication and deal more positively with issues such as sexuality, finances, parenting, in-laws,family members,…..and more:


And more than that-   to begin to know a deeper kind of intimacy than you have ever know before.
We can talk things through or take a more proactive approach to the issues that you raise.

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Couple Counselling Newcastle

Marrying  or happily living with someone is one of the milestones anyone would want to achieve in their adult stage of life. So, couples therapy helps couples, married or not, recognise and sort out conflicts to improve their relationship. Through couples counselling, you’ll be able to make thoughtful decisions in strengthening and rebuilding your relationship. 

Joe Mc Anelly of Newcastle Counselling is a  professional with graduate and postgraduate certificates. Marriage counselling is an effective way to save a relationship, given that most marriages don’t end well. 

So, if you’re on the verge of getting divorced or separated from your partner, we might be able to change your perspective on what marriage is. Here’s what you need to know.

What is Couple Counseling?

Engaging in a relationship is never easy. Like cars, they need to have regular maintenance to keep them running in good condition. When there’s a problem, it’s always best to repair it right away to avoid further issues from happening. Most people tend to fix things themselves, but there are times despite the best efforts to be taken care of with a professional couples therapist. 

One of marriage counselling’s primary goals is to determine if they should continue staying together. Though this method’s primary focus is on both individuals, there are still times when one needs to address the psychological issues. Couple counselling Newcastle usually includes sessions designed to improve and build communication skills, relationship responsibilities, problem-solving, and life goals. 

Common issues of couples that need counselling include illness, infidelity, anger, and financial problems. The duration of the therapy depends on the level of distress in the relationship. So, it may only last a few weeks or for several months. Here are some of the primary elements involving couples’ therapy.

Both parties need to have active participation during the session, rather than having each session.

Both should have a clear establishment of the objectives of the treatment.

Each should be change-oriented and solution-focused early on in the treatment.

Both should focus on a specific problem. For example, jealousy, sexual difficulties, emotional difficulties, internet addiction, substance abuse, communication problems, conflicts about family, infidelity, anger, etc.)

How to Prepare for Couples Counseling

There are things you need to consider before you engage in couples counselling. But the primary or the key to successful counselling is to have a reliable therapist. Joe Mc Anelly at Marriage counselling Newcastle provides a professional therapeutic approach  that could tend to your relationship problems. With this, we will increase the chances that both you and your partner will be happy when the sessions end. 

One important thing to remember is that both of you should agree to attend couples counselling. If you’re having a hard time looking for a therapist, please  contact  Couple Counselling Newcastle as we have forty-two years of experience as couples therapists’. 

It would also help to interview several professional couples therapists before deciding on one, thus ensuring an  increase in the success rate of your sessions. Here’s what you can ask them to ensure that we are a good fit for you and your partner.

The Treatment Plan

You can ask us how many sessions would it take or expect to have and how long a single session lasts.

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Experience and Education

You can ask the therapist about his educational background, credentials, and experiences.

The Fees and Insurance

One essential thing to consider is the fee. You can ask our therapists before the sessions how much it would cost you each session. You can also ask if your health insurance plan covers the fees.

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The Logistics

You can also ask our therapist about their availability and where he is located. However, this is irrelevant as all the counselling is now by video link or telephone.

What Can You Gain About Couples Counseling?

The prospect of revealing your life to us may seem unsettling. It may also be scary just to think about telling every detail of your relationship to the therapist. Still, the benefit of this is that you’ll have access to someone with whom you can talk freely about your feelings and emotions without being judged. 

So, the best way to fix your broken relationship is to speak with a professional as he is accustomed to this type of situation. Here are some of the benefits of couples counselling.

Help Personal Growth and Promote Self-Awareness

It can Help Personal Growth and Promote Self-Awareness

Meeting with our couples therapist at least once a week would help you learn about your personality and what things could motivate you in life. Although the session's focus is on your relationship, it would also help to know how you treat your partner compared to other people, such as coworkers and friends

Clarify Your Feelings Towards Your Partner

It would Help You Clarify Your Feelings Towards Your Partner

As mentioned earlier, having a relationship isn't easy. It is not like what you see in fairytales or movies. One of why a relationship fails is the confusion of how you feel towards your partner. Having time for you and your partner to express your thoughts and feelings would help you decide what direction you wanted to take when the counselling is done.

Resolve Problems and Deepen Intimacy

It Can Help Resolve Problems and Deepen Intimacy

Probably the best benefit you can get out of attending our couples’ counselling is knowing how much you love each other. Once the sessions are done, you'll be able to find yourself complete with the one you love. It can deepen the feeling and trust you have for your other half as well. We aim to have successful couples counselling as it always results in resolving whatever problems you have before. Isn't that a great thing?

Having problems in a relationship may set you off course. Also, these problems are inevitable, and the only way for you to set things right is to fix things for the betterment of you and your partner. If you ever encounter these problems and don’t know how to handle them, you might want to text 0800 772 3112 or check out our website, You can also email us through, and let us connect with you. Don’t let your relationship put to waste, and start on what you can do to make up for it.

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Couple Counselling in Newcastle

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