Looking for treatments for depression and anxiety? We offer professional counselling in Newcastle that allows individuals, families and groups to achieve mental health, wellness and career goals. Here at Newcastle Counselling, we deal with any problems and issues relating to feels, reactions, attitude or habits.

We work with our clients through efficient strategies that will let individuals or groups overcome obstacles from their personal and family challenges that they are facing.

So if you have difficulties to overcome with either your personal or in your family, contact us today for help and let us find you the best solution through our proactive counselling approach.


Whilst it may be trendy to promote one form of treating issues over others, we think that human beings are a little more complex and therefore take an eclectic approach to issues i.e. we would prefer to treat you as an individual and provide an appropriate treatment method to suite your needs.

As an integrated counselling therapist in Newcastle, we are trained in a range of techniques and strategies and provide the best appropriate methods based on our client’s need.

If you need a counselling to overcome your issues, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you face and solve your personal or family issues.

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Our effective methods and approach can help you get through even the hardest challenges you might be facing. Get a free appointment with Newcastle Counselling when you contact us today. 

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The mechanics of anger are natural processes! Understanding them and managing them is our expertise.

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